Air purification into the 2.0 era of fresh air consumption a
2017-06-06 15:09:16
Beijing Zhongyikang Times Market Research Co., Ltd. at the summit released the "2017 China Air Purification Industry Report" (hereinafter referred to as "the report"). "Report" shows that China's air purifier market showed a pick-up trend, 2016 retail sales rose 17.7%, much higher than the overall increase in the appliance industry; the first quarter of 2017, retail sales year on year increase is as high as 47.0%; both Clean air and replace the air function of the new wind system to become a new consumer hot spots, ultra-Bacheng consumers have heard of fresh air system, the purchase will be strong, the future is expected to spawn 100 billion yuan level market. China's air purification industry is dominated by the air purifier 1.0 times, into the air purifier and the development of new wind 2.0 era.
Air purifier industry to pick up the future growth of huge space
After the 2013 blowout growth, the 2014 turnaround and the rational return in 2015, the 2106 air purifier industry showed a clear trend of warming. "Report" shows that in 2016 empty net market retail sales reached 14.29 billion yuan, an increase of 17.7%, an increase far higher than 2015; retail sales reached 5.77 million units, an increase of 9.5%. The first quarter of 2017, the growth momentum to continue, retail sales rose 47.0% year on year.
"Report" that the main reasons for the market to pick up the following points: First, haze governance, although the effect is significant, but still showing cyclical recurrence, cure haze still long way to go; Second, the external environmental factors affect the health of consumers gradually Enhance the air environment and quality of attention, awareness significantly improved; Third, the implementation of the new national standards for air purifiers, consumer purchasing decisions and product selection has played an important role in guiding. "Report" that the new national standards through the product purification capacity, purification endurance, purification efficiency, health indicators and other aspects of quantitative assessment, and further standardize the market, false propaganda, the price of high, difficult to verify the performance of the industry chaos to be curbed. At the same time, the new national standards to improve the industry competition threshold, is conducive to the brand's survival of the fittest.
According to statistics, the current Chinese residents have only five units of air purifier, far less than the main household electrical appliances 100 households have, of which 122 color TV sets, 115 sets of air conditioning, 94 for the refrigerator. According to China Yikang estimates, 2016 to 2018, China's air purifier market, the compound annual growth rate will reach 16.6%. Zhong Yi Kang, deputy general manager Peng Yu pointed out that China's air purifier market is still in its infancy, the future growth of a huge space.
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